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Unlike electrostatic-precipitators or ionic generators, Austin Air purifiers and air cleaners do not emit by-products like toxic ozone. Many families rely on their Austin Air cleaner to control serious respiratory conditions including asthma. Even the smallest trace of irritant, ozone being one of the most toxic, has severe effects. Had those individuals chosen an electrostatic precipitator or ionic generator, they would still be suffering unnecessarily. These are built with integrity and made in the United States. As the original maker of high-end filtration systems, Austin Air makes the most effective, durable and trusted air purification products on the market.

The engineers at Austin Air concentrated on developing the most critical component of the air cleaner first: the filter. Austin Air’s powerful 360-degree intake system draws air into all sides to maximize efficiency and deliver purified air faster. Every minute, 250 cubic feet of air is processed by a four-stage filter that progressively removes harmful contaminants from the atmosphere.

This process enables Austin Air cleaners to:

  • Achieve the highest levels of performance
  • Attain superior air flow rates
  • Sustain a longer filter life (five years under normal residential use)
  • Increase the life expectancy of the medical grade HEPA, the most critical media in the filtration process

360-degree Progressive Filtering System

The Austin Air HealthMate addresses the complete spectrum of air cleaning, removing submicron particles, noxious gases and chemicals. Austin Air’s 360-degree intake system draws air into all sides of the HealthMate, passing it through a four-stage filter. The result, more clean air delivered faster and more efficiently than any other air cleaner on the market:

  • Stage 1 – Large particle prefilter removes particles easily seen by the naked eye like dust, hair and pet dander
  • Stage 2 – Medium particle prefilter removes small to medium size particles like molds, spores and pollen
  • Stage 3 – About 15 pounds of activated carbon and zeolite removes chemicals, gases and odors
  • Stage 4 – 60 square feet of certified HEPA removes 99.97 percent of all particles larger than 0.3 microns

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